Frequently Asked Questions...


How do I book a shoot?

A. Please contact me through my website, email or text to confirm availability and to reserve a date.

High School: We will agree on a "Media Day" for individual, grad class and team photos. We will also agree on a "Game Day" for action shots.

For Youth Summer Travel Softball, Individual/team photos will be taken at the tournament site. For teams in the immediate San Jose area, Team/Individual photos may be taken at a team practice and I will make arrangements to take game photo at the earliest tournament game possible.

Why do you take Individual, Team AND game photos?

A. That moment-in-time is not just about the individual, the team or awesome plays made in games. It's about all three and the in between moments that occur! By having a variety of poses and action shots, you will have more options and I will have options to create personalized "creatives" for you.

How much do you charge?

A. As a parent of a student-athlete, I fully understand the high cost of travel/Club sports.
My Booking Fee is $175.
This "Booking Fee" covers my travel, time taking your athlete's photos and post-production time. The "Booking Fee" can be divided amongst the entire team or by players interested.

Once your photo gallery goes "live" through PhotoDay, you will have the ability to choose a-la-carte items or packages. (Please see "What is PhotoDay?" for more information)

You will receive a contract with the booking cost up front so that there are no surprises!

Do you provide digital uploads or actual products?

A. Both!

Up until recently, I solely provided high resolution digital uploads. This year, I have collaborated with PhotoDay and professional photo printing labs to provide prints and products in addition to high resolution downloads.

Many head coaches and team/org managers want ALL of the pictures for the main purpose of creating social media posts and/or creating team profiles/individual profiles. I offer a one-price low-resolution download to be solely used for this purpose. Please contact me for more information.

**Please note that these low-resolution images are great for social media but NOT for products such as prints, buttons, key chains...

What is Photoday?

A. With Photoday, everything is online/mobile!

Once your gallery is ready, your players/parents will receive an access code and a link directly to their phone.

No paper forms!
See your photos BEFORE you purchase.
Choose your product item(s) AND pick your poses/action photos. Yes, YOU can customize each products by choosing the same or different photos.

You will also be able to track your orders to your doorstep!

When will I get to see my gallery?

A. You will receive and access code and link to Photoday a week before your booking date. Through the Photoday link access, you will be able to take a look at the variety of products ahead of your gallery being posted.

Your gallery will be posted typically within 7-10 days after the final shoot.

Organization photo shoots of more than 2 teams may take up to 10 days for your gallery to go live!

How many pictures will I see in the Photoday Gallery of my student-athlete?

A. Team (13-17 players)
Typically 2 poses per player,
1 "Creative" per player,
and 1-3 action shots per player.

I often have more photos per player listed above; however, I cannot guarantee that all player will have "action shots" due to field/play time.

Do you just photograph softball?

A. My expertise is shooting softball. I love capturing images of all ages and groups. I am a sports enthusiast who loves a challenge so if you like my photos, let's talk!

Do you provide downloads to Head Coaches/Organizations for social media & team/player profiles?

A. **Please read "Do you provide digital uploads of actual products?"

Due to high demand from my clients, this year I added access to prints and photo products via Photoday.

I provide high resolution and low resolution downloads.

Social media presence has become HUGE with travel teams and organizations.

Teams/Organizations often have a staff member or parent who is savvy with creating social media content but they are in need of content.

In addition to my Booking Fee, Head Coaches/Team managers ONLY can purchase low-resolution set of downloads for the sole purpose for creating social media content.

These Low Resolution images are NOT conducive for prints or products